Academic Accommodations. Students with disabilities are provided equal educational opportunities at Indiana State University. These services are designed and arranged with individual documented needs in mind. Accommodations to students may include:

  • letters of introduction to faculty.
  • test accommodations.
  • note-taking services.
  • reading services (books on tape from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic).
  • registration assistance.
  • arrangement of interpreter services.

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Campus Accessibility. Almost all buildings and classrooms at Indiana State University are accessible to students with physical disabilities. An accessibility guide about the campus identifying elevators, curb cuts, accessible restrooms, automatic doors, and designated handicap parking is available from Department of Public Safety(812) 237 - 5555.

Public Safety also provides parking permits for disabled students. (Medical documentation, including an expiration date, must be provided to obtain a temporary or permanent parking permit. For further information, see Public Safety's Motor Vehicle Regulations.)

Campus Housing. Indiana State University provides accessible residence halls and apartments. For further information about housing options, contact Residential Life at (812) 237 - 3993